Encoding Challenge Example

House of Leaves is a novel that involves several layers of character narrative, a documentary film manuscript and editorial notes all mixed together to make a unique story. Though I have not read the book, from what I have seen of the novel is further complicated by an unusual presentation, orientation and purpose of the different types on the paper. It had definitely intrigued me and I look forward to reading it in the future.

Our group has chosen to do a page from the novel that involves markup regarding the multiple character stories and comments on footnotes. For this post I have chosen two pages from within the book that present an interesting challenge to markup in terms of the orientation and break up of print. Though it is the same speaker it appears to be a quote and a reflection of the quote.

Questions about it’s markup included whether the quotes and comments on the quotes should be separated or represented separately, as the comment breaks up the flow of reading the quote. Another question about markup is whether or not to markup both pages together as the quote transcends the page. Furthermore there was the question of the sentence breaks- though they go with the theme of the quote, they break mid-sentence and don’t appear to be important to the content.



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