Hello world!

My name is Jelena (pronounced like Helena with a Y, if you’re wondering).

This is my last semester of the MI program. I am making my way through the LIS stream and the Book History and Print Culture collaborative program. Before coming to the iSchool, I studied English Literature (mainly Canadian and Anglo-American modernist poets) as well as Biology and Canadian Studies at McGill.

I became interested in this class after hearing about it in my book history courses last year and especially after working on the final project in Analytical Bibliography last semester (which was about applying bibliographical principals to digital projects). I’m excited to learn about the more technical aspects of e-books.

In general, my interest is in digital reading and participatory media. I’m interested in learning about the effects of interfaces on discourse, which I hope will give me insight into scholarly discourse that occurs outside of traditional university settings. I’m also happy to have an excuse to play Portal again!

Source: Robert Pfeffer
“Inhabited Initial”
Pfeffer Simpelgotisch Font












My main blog: https://thetiniestbookshelf.wordpress.com/