Welcome and Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Amrita Maharaj and I am a 3rd year Interactive Digital Media (Undergraduate) student at the Mississauga Campus. My program is affiliated with the Faculty of Information that launched a combined MI/BA program last spring and I am currently a combined student as well, with a focus in Critical Information and Policy Studies. This is my first master’s degree course, so I am a little nervous but excited to be here.

I took a course with Alan Galey last semester, Knowledge Media Design: Contexts and Practices, which looked at the history of the book as a reading interface. I am interested in narrative structures and looking at interface design for assistive technologies for those with disabilities. I hope to expand my knowledge about the future of the book and how technology aids/hinders its progress.

Currently, I am a Research Assistant for Prof. Rhonda McEwen on Eye-gaze technologies for those with disabilities and for the Technologies for Aging Gracefully (TAGlab) with a focus on intergenerational games.

My interests include: video games, manga/anime, semiotics, gender issues in video games, human computer interactions (HCI), privacy and surveillance, immersive environments for mobile devices, and intellectual property.

Here is a picture of my rabbit (he’s the cutest!) See you all in class next week.



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