TEI in the Wild: Yellow Fever Commission

The U.S. Army Yellow Fever Commission IMLS Digitization Project by the University of Virginia is an online exhibit that discovers the work, historical importance and impact of the U.S. Army Yellow Fever Commission.  The homepage for the project is available at http://exhibits.hsl.virginia.edu/yellowfever/. The collection consists of thousands of documents,including handwritten and typed notes, news paper articles, photographs, miscellaneous printed materials and artifacts which the University has been digitizing.

The project uses XML with TEI attributes to mark- up the resources and save them in TIFF files on CDs. The project also made digitized, transcribed and marked-up primary materials available online the website. The project provides a rather detailed history of  its journey through the digitization project as well as mistakes and challenges they faced. The project goes further to share lessons they learned and make recommendations for similar projects. More information on the digitization process is available at http://exhibits.hsl.virginia.edu/yellowfever-new/collection-digitization-report-1999-2004/.

The the details of its use of XML is not available, but it appears to be based upon the University of Virginia Library’s TEI Encoding Guidelines. The University of Virginia Library’s TEI Encoding Guidelines available at http://dcs.library.virginia.edu/digital-stewardship-services/tei-encoding-guidelines/.

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